Artisan Backgrounds
Contact: Aleesa Evans
Phone: (417) 622-2877
From my heart to your studio...
Each background is hand painted
By me, here in the USA
Custom request are welcomed
Over 18 years experience

Renaissance: Here you will find backgrounds influenced by the old Renaissance
style of painting, from a touch of romantic architecture to the heart of the woods where the ancient trees make their home.

Story Book: Backgrounds that remind you of a child's book with illustrations that pull our heart strings... These backgrounds place your subject in a story-telling setting, creating a unique image that only the classic studio photographer can offer.

Contempo: This page has pieces that are influenced with abstract shapes and vibrant colors. When you need that extra 'attitude' in your image, Contempo styles may be just what your studio needs.

Classics: You will find most of the designs that I have painted over the years on the 'Classics' page. Most of these backgrounds are listed under the other pages, although some designs have been retired. Here you will find a gallery of images from over the years from some of the top photographers in the industry.

Old Masters: Simple mottled colors, subtle brushstrokes, with vignette, to draw all attention to your subject. These backgrounds are great for the classic studio portraits from individuals to groups, I can custom make the size to fit your needs.
Story Book
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Old Master